Our Projects

In the period up to the present, Alpyapý has provided services through focusing its power in the sector to specific points, within the scope of its activities, in accordance with the certain anticipations and planning.

Within the scope of the services, we have completed and delivered approximately 150,000 of m2 turnkey construction, (as ground improvement, excavation, coarse construction, electromechanical, decoration and furniture works) and 400,000 m2 of decoration, furniture and electromechanical works.

In 2014, contracts for the 10,000 m2 of turnkey construction and 50,000 m2 of decoration and furniture works were made and execution thereof continues.

  • ÝTOB
  • with a factory building of 13.000 m2 has been opened on a turnkey basis on 30 June 2013 over 30.000 m2 land with all production facilities. All construction work has been completed in a total of 6 months starting from land delivery and land improving process to putting the production facilities into use.
    Completed Projects \\ Shopping Mall
    At the Shopping Mall constructions that increase rapidly in Turkey Alpyapý has completed Shopping Mall constructions with a total of 100.000 m2 at various points in Turkey.
    Alpyapý has been playing an active role in the Market sector since its establishment and it has completed about 400.000 m2 Market construction Turkey-wide for over 300 Stores and it continues solution partnerships in this sector.
    At the Divan City Hotel in Mecidyeköy with 140 rooms Alpyapý has completed electricity, mechanics, fine works and furniture production within the scope of the project.
    In the banking sector Alpyapý has taken place in the Branch Improvement and Renovation projects of different Institutions over years and up to today it has completed all construction work of over 200 branches of 8 different institutions Turkey-wide.
    During the past period Alpyapý has constructed e detached houses and experienced construction and sales in this issue and in the future it is planning to continue Mass housing projects over their own land.
    Alpyapý has taken place in the Store Improvement projects of significant brands in the shopping malls that have been increasing rapidly in Turkey after year 2000 and completed all construction and decoration work and it continues to render its services in this sector.
    Completed Projects \\ Decoration
    Alpyapý has combined its experience accumulation with the power of its workshops within its body and has completed implementations of important projects in decoration in the sector.
    Continuing Projects \\ Training Building
    Project Name              : 29 Mayýs Üniversitesi Ümraniye Dormitory Building Construction
    Total Project Area       : 40,000 m2
    Starting/Ending Dates : 01/01/2014-01/09/2014
    Continuing Projects \\ Administrative Building
    Project Name              : THY Flight Training Service Building and Data Center Construction
    Total Project Area       : 10,000 m2
    Starting/Ending Dates : 01/04/2014-15/12/2014
    Continuing Projects \\ Decoration
    Project Name              : Special Decoration Works
    Total Project Area       : 10,000 m2
    Starting/Ending Dates : 15/01/2014-15/12/2014