Company Profile

One of the most experienced and dynamic entities in the construction market, Alp Yapı has been serving as a construction and contracting company since 1998. The long term successful relationships with its subcontractors and business partners have proved to be a valuable asset for its success.

With the domestic and international projects and partnerships undertaken by Alp Yapı, the company is regarded as a reputable and dependable entity within the construction sector. Focusing on turning over each and every project within the determined time frame, the company emphasizes the importance of transparency and investment in human resources.

By completing new creative projects in developing residential areas in different countries, Alp Yapı believes that its success and innovative vision should be sustainable - just as the projects it undertakes.

Who we are

» The process which began in 1998 has brought Alp Yapı to its current state.
» Alp Yapı's function transformed with time as the number of ongoing construction projects in Turkey increased.
» The company's area of activity began as all kinds of ironworks including wrought iron and steel roofing, and gradually expanded. The demands of leading corporations in Turkey and their decisions to cooperate with Alp Yapı for construction solutions, as well as the demands of construction companies themselves, led to this expansion.
» Alp Yapı has served some of the most important corporations in Turkey; including Koç Holding and Sabancı Holding.
» Alp Yapı defined its mission as "investment in human resources and high quality partnerships".
» The market's trust was quickly earned as a result of the effort put in to acquiring valuable human resources and working continuously with a dynamic group of staff.
» The goal of being regarded as an entity within their own structure by companies and investors was achieved. Agreements of continuous collaboration were signed.
» Today, Alp Yapı is a construction company which provides the international market with service of international standards.

Our goals

» Alp Yapı focuses on projects which provide professional gratification by allowing its vast experience to be fully utilized.
» As a team, Alp Yapı aims to increase the number of projects through which it can circulate the creativity and experience it possesses within the sector.
» Alp Yapı plans on turning to a larger number of domestic and international turnkey projects as a contractor.
» Aims to establish new partnerships and accomplish a great deal through cooperative efforts.
» Is taking new steps in order to increase its experience with industrial buildings.
» Develops projects intended to protect wildlife and undertakes projects which will reflect its focus on creating environmentally friendly solutions.

Our staff

Mastering the current state of technology, architecture and construction can only be made possible with the right staff. Alp Yapı gathers its strength from the dynamism, experience and initiative of its personnel.

In addition to the necessity of a company to be dependable and experienced, close collaboration between various fields of operation is believed to be key to success.

Alp Yapı possesses well-qualified and reliable staff which is open to new projects, capable of generating the capital required for the creation of projects, and able to apply their experience to new fields.

In addition to its core personnel comprised mainly of architects, the creation of its own reliable subcontractors is an important aspect of Alp Yapı's success which has brought the company to its current state.

After educating the personnel trained it its own workshops, Alp Yapı encourages its personnel to become stationed within the subcontractor establishments. We believe vocational and commercial education plays an important role in providing the market with qualified subcontractors. With this in mind, Alp Yapı has supported the founding of ten companies and continues to observe their processes and development, regarding them as long term partners.