Our area of expertise

The most important aspects of our customer relations are assuming responsibility for all areas of the construction process, supporting this responsibility with flawless turnkey projects, and conveying our years of experience in the process.

The following is a brief overview of what we do:

» The simultaneous oversight of 20 construction sites in 20 different locations,
» Management of both technical staff and subcontractor personnel,
» The ability to undertake the construction of industrial buildings, hospitals and hotels in addition to housing projects,
» The capacity to conduct all aspects of construction and infrastructure processes, as well as turnkey projects.


With its experienced executive team and personnel, Alp Yapı began its work with market, hardware store and other store projects. The highlight of the work done has been the timely completion of all these projects while adhering to the high quality standards.

» Mastery over all aspects of landscape, infrastructure and construction,
» Emphasis on mutual trust in customer relations,
» And never swerving from quality, timing and trust are some of the factors which have allowed Alp Yapı to open up to the international market.

In addition to Koç Holding and Sabancı Holding, Alp Yapı has continued working with leading companies in their fields such as OYAK, HSBC and Türkiye İş Bankası. The company's focus on housing projects, industrial buildings and the construction of hospitals and hotels continues.

International Projects

Turkish companies have come a long way in the construction business in the last few years. This rapid development in the sector is an indication of Turkey's dynamism and characteristic abilities.

The Turkish people place a great deal of importance in their homes; their feeling of security is largely based on housing. The market is undergoing rapid expansion with this respect as well, but the importance of high quality projects will see a dramatic increase in the future. The market will grow even further with transformation projects. Having acquired a competitive advantage in the construction sector, one of the most important indications of economic vitality, Turkey will continue to play an important role in the international market.

The construction sector is one based on trust by its very nature. Companies which have been able to establish this fundamental aspect in the rapidly growing Turkish construction market are opening up to the rest of the world.

Companies which prioritize professional and social responsibility, as well as transparency and sustainable quality will inevitably become more prominent. The vision with which Alp Yapı operates within the construction sector, which provides leverage for the country's economy, creates an opportunity for coming to the forefront of the market. With the activities in Syria and Georgia, Alp Yapı has also been able to apply its experience to international markets.